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Matias Figueroa
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Hi, I'm an Argentinian Web Developer. I enjoy creating things, on the web, on the piano, on photoshop or just on my mind. This is the place where I write about nerdy stuff.

Código Ciudadano

post-cover Hace rato que estoy queriendo escribir acerca de este nuevo emprendimiento en el que tuve la suerte de ser incluido.

Código Ciudadano es una organización sin fines de lucro que busca contribuir a la comunidad a partir de la tecnología. Somos un grupo de nerds (de los que codean y de los que no) que queremos crear servicios y tecnologías


JSconfUY 2014

post-cover This is a quick one ;)

Last week I went to Uruguay to the JSConfUY, first one on that country, had to be there.

I'm not going to post a full detailed review of the thing, but if you're into that kind of thing here's one that's pretty accurate.

Overall for me it was a good enough experience, very well organized,


Welcome to the intertubes.


Hello Internet!

It's been a while since that time I was chatting with my friends at work about <insert tech topic here> and I thought to myself: "I should have a blog", and that time was particularly special from the other 1.000 times I said to myself the exact same thing without ever even considering actually going